Changes to the Electricity Market

Why is the government deregulating the electricity retail market?
The electricity retail market is being deregulated by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) to facilitate and promote an efficient supply of competitively-priced electricity packages to contestable consumers. To date, about 75% of Singapore’s total electricity demand has been opened up to retail competition.
What does contestability mean?
As a contestable consumer, you have the freedom to choose the retailer that provides you with the most competitive price and reliable service. You can choose an electricity package which best suits your business needs.
How do I know if I am eligible for contestability?
If your company has a single site with an average electricity consumption of at least 10,000kWh per month, you are eligible to apply for immediate contestability*. Contact us at (65) 6727 8833 or email to to find out what we can offer you.

If your company has a single or multiple sites, with an average combined monthly consumption that is at least 8,000kWh per month, you will receive a letter from SP Services informing you of your eligibility to become contestable from April 1, 2014. Do contact us at (65) 6727 8833 or email to to find out more.

If your supply premise is a master-sub account (a building with sub-meters), you will need to meet the required criteria to be eligible for contestability. You can visit for more details.

*Terms and conditions apply.
What are my choices as a contestable consumer?
As a contestable consumer, you have three options to choose from:
  1. Buy electricity from a licensed electricity retailer such as Sembcorp Power;
  2. Buy electricity directly from the wholesale electricity market as a direct market consumer; or
  3. Buy electricity indirectly from the wholesale electricity market through SP Services Ltd.
Will there be any physical change to the electricity supply if I switch to Sembcorp Power?
No. PowerGrid is the regulated network operator in the electricity market which manages and operates the electricity grid in Singapore. There will be no disruption in electricity supply or any change to the quality of electricity delivered to your supply premise when you switch to Sembcorp Power.
What do high and low tension mean when it comes to my electricity consumption patterns?
High Tension refers to consumers who are taking supplies at 22kV or 6.6kV and with a Contracted Capacity of at least or less than 1,700kW. Low Tension refers to large industrial and commercial consumers who are taking supplies at 400V/230V.
Do I need to change to the new AMI meter?
From 1 April 2014, eligible consumers will have their Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) electricity meter installed by SP PowerGrid Ltd before approval of their application.

The monthly meter charge is:
$1.83 each for single phase AMI meter
$2.49 each for three phases AMI meter
Capped at $12.50 for multiple AMI meters at a single location
What I need to know about Forward Sales Contract (FSC)?
EMA is currently studying the retail settlement mechanism for the FSC. Implementation of FSC has been put on hold, pending further notice from EMA.

Click here to find out more on FSC

Choosing Sembcorp Power

What can Sembcorp Power offer as your preferred electricity retailer?
  • Electricity packages that best meet your needs
  • A dedicated and experienced team to assist you
  • Excellent customer service support
  • Seamless account transfer transition
How do I request for a proposal from Sembcorp Power?
We would be most happy to have a one-on-one consultation with you to better understand your business needs and to work out electricity packages which best meet your operational requirements.

Click here to request for a proposal. Alternatively, call us at
(65) 6727 8833 or email to with your electricity bills for the last three months. We will follow up with you within seven business days.
What do I need to do to switch to Sembcorp Power?
Switching to Sembcorp Power is hassle-free. Appoint us as your retailer and we will help you with the necessary documentation and submission to ensure a smooth transition in your switch to us. Contact us at (65) 6727 8833 or email to
What other services can I enjoy from Sembcorp?
Sembcorp also imports and retails natural gas and provides waste management services in Singapore. For more information on how we can help you with these services, please contact us at
(65) 6727 8833 or email to
I am interested to switch. Are there any application forms?
You can download these forms, complete them and submit to us via fax (65) 6822 3838 or email