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Introducing Sembcorp Solar

As a major solar power player in Singapore, Sembcorp Solar Singapore has over 240 MWp of solar projects across more than 1,500 sites.

Sembcorp Solar Singapore is part of Sembcorp Industries, a global integrated energy player with solutions across the energy and utilities value chain, with a focus on the Gas & Power, Renewables & Environment and Merchant & Retail sectors.

Sembcorp is committed to meeting the growing demand for green energy. At present, Sembcorp is Singapore’s largest home-grown international renewable energy player with more than 2,600 MW of renewable energy assets across Singapore, China, India and Vietnam.

With a strong portfolio covering major corporations and government agencies, Sembcorp is your preferred partner to help your organisation make a difference.



Sembcorp Solar makes going green simple

Sembcorp Solar converts your roofs into solar energy generating facilities and will bear all the capital, operating and regulatory expenses as the owner and operator of the system. We will also ensure that it is well maintained to ensure optimal performance with no impact to your business operations. 
Energy generated from solar panels will be first consumed directly by the building and reduce your buildings’ power grid consumption. Any excess capacity generated will be managed and sold by Sembcorp Solar to other businesses who wish to go green as well!
You will only pay for what you consume.
Reduce your utility costs by consuming the solar energy generated which is charged at a price lower than your prevailing retail tariff.
Even when you have utilised the energy that the solar panels generate, you are assured of continual ​supply through the grid, so your business can power on smoothly.

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