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Sembcorp Power provides a full suite of sustainability solutions ranging from our green electricity plans, solar panel installation and financing to help you power a greener future together

Power your home with 100% solar energy with our Sunshine Plan
​​Our Sunshine Plan offers 100% solar energy from our own Sembcorp Solar assets. As one of Singapore's largest renewable energy players,​ we enable everyone to contribute towards creating a greener future. The power generated from renewable energy sources emit fewer greenhouse gases and has little to no pollution.

Got a roof? Install solar panels for your residential landed properties
Embark on a journey to power your home with clean energy harnessed from the sun to enjoy savings on your electricity expenses and reduce your carbon footprint. Request for a complimentary onsite assessment of your landed property to optimise the rooftop of your property and go green today!

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Why solar?

Watch this video below to find out how our customer, Wendy, benefited from installing our Sembcorp Solar PV system.​


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What financing solutions are available? 
Upon submission of your enquiry, our consultants will get in touch with you for an onsite visit to kickstart your solar journey. 

2. What are the eligibility criteria? 
Only applicable for landed property homeowners who wish to install solar panels on their property. 

3. What if I already have existing solar panels installed on my property?
We can help to enrol you into the ECIS scheme (Enhanced Central Intermediary Scheme) to sell your excess solar electricity generated back to the grid. Earn export rebate based on the average nodal price for the excess solar electricity sold back to grid by SP Group. Simply fill out the form here​​ and we will get in touch with you!

4. Who will be carrying out the installation and maintenance services?
Our appointed installation partners will carry out the solar panel installation and maintenance services. You will sign a Residential Solar Service agreement with the installation partners directly and not Sembcorp.